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Hello, welcome to my place.

You can call me your Fairy Mama or Riem but PLEASE don't call me Coach Riem!  It feels very impersonal and the process of coaching is anything but impersonal. Why Drive your life? and why a fairy mama?

The name came to me while sitting in a workshop a few years and for some odd reason I started thinking of cars. (in my early 20es, I had the dream of working in a workshop and restore old VW Beatle cars. ok still do).  Back to the story. In a way, we are like cars. The better the car is maintained, the more miles (km) it would go and the longer it would last. It also becomes difficult to drive when the wheels are out of alignment. Accidents are prone to happen risking the lives of everyone around. When we as people don’t take care of ourselves or are out of alignment, we risk the chance if breaking down and taking with us everyone around. Drive Your Life is reminder that we, and no one else, are the real driver behind the wheel even when we appear like a helpless passenger. taking care of ourselves and making sure we are in balance remains a vital condition to keep going.


Now for the Fairy Mama, which is possibly my alter ego or just another part of me. A dear friend of mine had asked me to be her daughter’s fairy mama and I excitingly agreed to it.  Slowly, it occurred to me that this is a role I played most of life. As an Empath, I identified the pain of others and tried to help them. This is also why I studies Psychology.  While I am happy that I studied psychology, I didn’t feel it was my path. So I had another calling for MA and I choose Intercultural Conflict Management in Berlin. Being half Saudi , half Germany and a 3rd culture kid, the program seemed amazing and it was . But I didn’t get very far with it. I lost my way and was out of alignment with my life purpose. Then Life coaching came into my life  and the decision to take a one year pause to study coaching was one of the best decisions I ever made.


As a transition coach, I work with people  & organizations  to help them gain clarity on how to best move forward in a way that is in alignment with their vision 


The Fairy Mama was created to help bring magic to a world that forgot what it is like to lead a life where anything is possible. She is here to help you remember who you are and to connect with the beauty and love inside you. & around you .

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                                                         Riem Farahat