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Hello, welcome to my  place.

You can call me your Fairy Mama or Riem  but PLEASE don't call me coach Riem even though i am an ICF accredited  life coach and I graduated from one of the top coaching programs in the world. For me, coach Riem  feel very impersonal and authoritarian while in reality i don't have answers and i am surely not in position to tell anyone what to do. 

I was told to focus on having a website that reflects the work of a professional person with a BA in Psychology,  Masters degree in conflict Management , worked in the corporate world for 2 decades  and who is an ISO auditor but wouldn't it be another example of trying to fit in with the norms and expectations and subscribe  to professional codes most of us are desperately  trying to get away from ?

Instead, why not celebrate my uniqueness and allow my work and my website to be in alignment with my true self? This website has been , and probably continues to, a journey . In order  for it to represent my true self i had to know exactly who i am and what i want to share with the world. 

As a life coach, i love to work with individuals who don't feel like they belong . Perhaps they moved, or will move, to a new country , or perhaps they feel trapped . They might feel like they lead life styles which does not align with the society around them 

The Fairy Mama was created to help bring magic to a world that forgot what it is like to lead a life where anything is possible. She is here to help you remember who you are and to connect with the beauty and love inside you. 

To read more about my  journey into the coach I am today 

to access a "Professional" resume that highlights my qualifications. LinkedIn page. 

                                                         Riem Farahat

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