Anxiety ? Depression ? Rock Bottom?

Give your emotions a voice especially these emotions that weight us down or prevent us from achieving our goals  , such as anger and anxiety 

one of the obstacles we can create is when we try to push anxiety and depression away . 

More and more unqualified medical practitioners are diagnosing people with depression and Mixed anxiety–depressive disorder (MADD) and are sadly prescribing medication which in many cases increases the symptoms rather than make it better .  Most of the times, the root cause  of the depression and anxiety is not addressed. Either because the individual isn't receiving therapy or the therapy is not properly addressing the issue(s).

Anti depressants are not magical pills that will make everything better and it certainly comes with its own side effects most common one are: feelings of numbness , disconnection, and (increase) of suicidal thoughts! Please don't take my word for it . Google it.

The first time i came across these side effects was while doing my BA in psychology many , many, many year ago. This realization was one that probably influenced my views on psychology and a reason why i choose to become a life coach. years later . To read more about my journey.

Note,  I am not a medical doctor and i do not give medical advice.  Whatever information obtained is from my interest in the subject as well as understanding my own depression and anxiety .  i am not against antidepressants but against the misuse  of antidepressants . The way i see it, it can be incredibly beneficial if properly used and combined with other alternative healing methods. 

What if there were other ways to deal with the feelings of anxiety and depression that might be faster and more effective ? 

When we thinking about it objectively,  we realize that it is no surprise that most of us are overcome  with depression and anxiety .  Life is difficult and its demands is even more difficult . Many of us  lead unhealthy life styles and influenced by toxins in our surroundings and high levels of hormones in our food.  Research shows that feelings of depression and anxiety is heavily influenced by vitamin , magnesium and zinc difficulties.  Health issues such as diabetes ,  PCOS , hormonal imbalance, thyroid related and low testosterone are also causes for depression. 


We have lost connection with nature, with ourselves and others, yet we live in the age of modern technology and social media. We are given so many choices that our ancestors didn't have . We are constantly told what to do and what road to take but do we really want? 

Can we really be  blamed for feeling stressed, anxious and depressed??

How i work with people who suffer from anxiety and depression 

  • One of the first suggestions i give to clients , potential clients, or anyone interested is to do some blood tests 

  • We focus on making small changes  we give a voice to anxiety and depression to understand 

  • learn how to deal with panic attacks 

  •  working on relaxation and mindfulness techniques 

There is a famous quote  heavily credited to Lao Tzu, though disputed now, 

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. 
If you are anxious you are living in the future. 
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Together, we work to heal the past , understand the future and we train the mind to be mindful . We  re-program the brain to balance between the three  time frames. 

In addition, a  dietitian will take a look at your blood work and examine your in food intake for three days to pinpoint what food might be causing your symptoms to worsen .

When the mind rests , the world rests <3

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