The Energy Leadership Index™

Are you a leader?

The answer is a definite yes!

We all lead our lives and so have an impact

over people around us.

Leadership simply means interactions where

influences occur. This might be positive or negative.

While some people consciously choose to use their abilities to lead other people, others do so unintentionally.

Self-leadership is another form of leadership, and it is the ability to motivate oneself to do what one desires.

Energy leadership is a unique form of leadership. It is the process of leading our, and others’ energy so that it works for us. Learning and applying the principles of energy leader helps us shift our energy and the energy of the people around us.


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment™

listed as number 3 in Forbes' top 11 assessments. Is a powerful tool that gives you insightful into how you see the world and your yourself, and how you show up in various aspects of your life.

Unlike many other assessments, it does not label you or judge you according to some rigid or overly generalized criteria. Instead, it is a unique profile that gives us insight into :

  • who you are and how you view life.

  • your initial reaction to life’s events whether big or small.

  • your ability to lead people, including yourself.

  • how involved or engaged are you in your daily life and its roles (work, home, family…etc)

  • how you deal with stress.

  • how conscious are you of your actions and reactions


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ is also a great tool for a corporate setting to help build a culture of trust and achievement that is is based on transparency,  motivation and team building.


Couples and family members have also taken this assessment.  This help individuals understand each other more and work together by complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses. 

The assessment can be accessed online and takes about  20 minutes to complete. after that, you and your coach who is also Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner will go through the results.

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