How I Work with Individuals, People  & Groups 

This is  one of my favorite clip arts that reflect what coaching is and what coaches so.  Coaching believes that:

  • we are whole, perfect and complete

  • we are the experts of our lives. 

This is the reason why coaches don't give advice or try to fix anyone. Instead, we support and empower a person to untangle their thoughts and feelings, and to see life from different angels so that they can make a conscious choice that suits their values and view . Saying this, most of us don't know what our values and views are because we have automatically subscribed to our surrounding . I work with clients to help (re)connect and (re)discover who they are and what their goals in life is . 

Through studying conflict management and being a Resource Therapy Practitioner , i realized that conflict is conflict whether its Inner conflicts that happens when we do things we don't believe in or when we deal with conflicts with other people. Unfortunately, most of the time we are not even aware or acknowledge our conflicts in order to properly work with them . My role is to help people identify their triggers and effectively work with conflict .

As a coach, i love to work with groups and individuals who don't feel at home in their own skin . They could be expats , 3rd culture kids , people in bi-racial or bi-cultural relationships , people who don't subscribe to "their" cultural normal and as a result  might feel lonely and isolated .  

Anger Management Counseling 

Utilize Therapy & Counseling skills

Using ACT principles: Acceptance, Commitment Therapy

Energy Leadership Index Assessment 

Tarot & Oracle Analysis reading 

Resource therapy Practitioner 

Anxiety & Depression 


Good coaches have a large verity  of tools in their toolbox and are always looking to upgrade their toolbox . Here are some of the tools and areas i work with :

  • Work with people to help them reconnect with their passion and help them lead a life of confidence, fulfillment and abundance.

  • Work with people to help them live a life of balance by working with the  5 elements : Air, Earth, Fire, Water & spirit 

  • Help balance the Masculine & Feminine 

  • Support people to improve the way they handle and resolve conflicts in their daily lives.

  • Support people to help them identify anxiety triggers and work with them.

  • Help people identify and work with their anger whether it’s in the workplace, in their relationships (domestics violence), or any other part of their lives.

  • Act as a mediator to help people solve and negotiate their differences

  • Work with Expats and Saudis who recently moved back to help them (re) adjust with Saudi cultures and deal with culture shocks.

  • I work individuals who suffer from poor body image , low self esteem , depression and anxiety.

  • Families and couples who want to  deal with their conflicts and issues . 

Thanks to modern technology ,  geographic location is no longer an issue . Though am based in Saudi Arabia but i work with people from all over the world .

FAQ on Coaching 


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