How I Work with Individuals, People  & Groups 

This is  one of my favorite clip arts that reflect what coaching is and

what coaches do.  Simply put, coaching help a person untangle their

thoughts and emotions in order to move forward to a desired place.

we coaches believe that :

  • we are whole, perfect and complete

  • we are the experts of our lives. 

For this reason,  coaches don't give advice or try to fix anyone. Instead, we support and empower a person so that they can make  conscious choices that suits their values and view . Saying this, most of us don't know what our values and views are because we have automatically subscribed to our surrounding . I work with clients to help them (re)connect and (re)discover who they they truly are and what they really want out of life.  I also love to work with groups and individuals who don't feel at home in their own skin . They could be expats , 3rd culture kids , people in bi-racial or bi-cultural relationships , people who don't subscribe to "their" cultural normal and as a result  might feel lonely and isolated .  

I do this by utilizing a number of tools. Such as:

In addition, i : 

  • Work with people to help them reconnect with their passion and help them lead a life of confidence, fulfillment and abundance.

  • Work with people to help them live a life of balance by working with the  5 elements : Air, Earth, Fire, Water & spirit 

  • Help balance the Masculine & Feminine 

  • Support people to improve the way they handle and resolve conflicts in their daily lives.

  • Support people to help them identify anxiety triggers and work with them.

  • Help people identify and work with their anger whether it’s in the workplace, in their relationships (domestics violence), or any other part of their lives.

  • Act as a mediator to help people solve and negotiate their differences

  • Work with Expats and Saudis who recently moved back to help them (re) adjust with Saudi cultures and deal with culture shocks.

  • I work individuals who suffer from poor body image , low self esteem , depression and anxiety.

  • Families and couples who want to  deal with their conflicts and issues .

  • i work with other health and emotional care professional to support clients mind body and soul.

Thanks to modern technology ,  geographic location is no longer an issue . Though am based in Saudi Arabia but i work with people from all over the world .

FAQ on Coaching