My Coaching 

This is  one of my favorite clip arts that reflect what coaching is and what coaches so.  Life coaching believes that:

  • we are whole, perfect and complete

  • we are the experts of our lives. 

This is the reason why coaches don't give advice or try to fix anyone. instead, we support and empower a person to untangle their thoughts and feelings, and to see life from different angels so that they can make a conscious choice that suits their values and view . Saying this, most of us don't know what our values and views are because we have automatically subscribed to our surrounding .  inner conflicts happens when we do things we don't believe in . Unfortunately, most of the time we are not even aware that we don't believe in them .

As a coach, i love to work with groups and individuals who don't feel at home in their own skin . They could be expats , 3rd culture kids , people in bi-racial or bi-cultural relationships , people who don't subscribe to "their" cultural normal and as a result  might feel lonely and isolated .  

I have also worked with individuals who suffer from poor body image , low self esteem , depression and anxiety , operate from a place of anger and frustration . As well as Family and relationship coaching . 

Though am based in Saudi Arabia but my clients could be anywhere in the world . Thanks to modern technology ,  Geographic location is no longer an issue . i have been able to work with people in the US , Europe, India and the  Arab world 

Good coaches have a large verity  of tools in their toolbox and are always looking to upgrade their toolbox . Here are some of the tools and areas i work with :

Anger management

Anxiety & depression  

Balance the masculine & feminine 

Body image issues and body acceptance . 

Energy leadership Index assessment 

Intercultural coaching & training 

Mediation and conflict management 

Oracle analysis reading 

Resource therapy 

The following programs can work for individuals , groups and corporate 

Discover your superhero 

Connect with your inner witch

Your Quality Manual 


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