My Very Own Kintsugi

Last week my little niece innocently confessed that the dragon figurine, which she was not supposed to touch, slipped from her hands.

I bought this little dragon in Feb 2012 from China in LA. it was Chinese New Year’s to welcome the year of the dragon which is also my Chinese zodiac sign. It was my year! I had just finished brushing off on my mediation skills and was getting ready to start my coaching training. It was a new beginning for me. Life seemed very exciting and promising. 2012 was one of the best years of my life.

Fast-forward to 9 years later. Year 2 in the pandemic. Masks, social distancing, missing loved ones, interruptions, heightened anxieties, uncertainties ...etc. A lot of good has come into my life as well as unforeseen changes and new added responsibilities. In a way, it wasn’t how I anticipated life to be. It’s ok to feel this way. It’s ok. to look back every once in a while and to mourn the life that we once had or thought we would have had by now. It’s what follows is what is important.

When I finally worked around my thoughts & feelings (don’t worry no child was harmed in the process) I decided to try to put the dragon back together again. Sure Uhu, the All-Purpose Adhesive, is not liquid gold or silver and the dragon is not pottery so we can’t consider it to be kintsugi in a tradition

al sense (A Japanese word when we use the precious liquid to bring together the piece

s of a broken pottery item and at the same time enhance the breaks) but perhaps we can do so in a figurative scene. To many, Uhu kintsugi after all. Once, the dragon reminded me of dreams, emotions, and maybe even inspirations I once had. Today, it is a reminder of new dreams, goals, and aspirations.

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