Resource Therapy

How familiar does the following sentence sound to you? 

"A part of me wants one thing  but another part wants something  else. 

"I can't stop myself" 

This is what Resource Therapy is all about. 

Resource Therapy is a psychotherapy based on the understanding that the personality is composed of parts. These parts are a driving force and when we don't listen to them or we do not fulfill their needs , we are driven to  inner conflict or behavior we are not proud of.


During a therapy session, we bring the part(s) causing the conflict into awareness and deal with it directly  rather than focus on the effects  of the conflict .  when two or more parts in conflict , the practitioner acts as a mediator and facilitates a healthy and effective dialog  between these states and you.  By removing the conflict, these states become effective and powerful  resources . 

RT  is an effective tool  and was proven to be effective to treating  various conditions , such as :


Depression, grief and loss

Creative Blocks

Sexual Dysfunction,

Phobias & Panic Disorder, Low Self Esteem issues 

Feelings of shame and  unworthiness, 

Dealing with unwanted behavior such as  addictions and  Eating disorders , OCD, smoking , rage

Pain Management 

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Riem is an  Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist  & Trainer , and a form Ego State Therapist.

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