Sakina Retreats in Germany

Let the Harz Guide you back to you 

Welcome to your road to finding Sakina.

The aim of the retreats is to organize and facilitate retreat trips to Germany that focuses on the mind, body and spirit to help women reconnect with their inner power to lead lives that are aligned with their authentic selves.

Sakina is an old Arabic feminine word to mean serenity and calmness.  This is what we want to give our . the opportunity  to find what brings them  serenity and calmness . to help her connect with her inner feminine while balancing the inner masculine . 


What’s in Germany?

The Harz region in Germany is known for its Mountains (highest mountain in Germany), woods and saltwater thermal spring. It is also home of many fairy tales, legends of witches and heroes, and important German literature.

People have been perusing the Harz, and the town of Bad Herzberg as a health resort since the 18th century. Possibly even before that. The retreat will take place in Bad Herzberg. A charming quiet saltwater spa town located in the foothill of the northern side of the Harz Mountain.  The closest international airport to Bad Herzberg is Hannover Airport – also called Hannover-Langenhagen) – Airport code: HAJ. It is about an hour drive to / from bad Herzberg

The retreat is  7 days long filled with activities that target the mind, body and spirit. Activities will range from visits to the spa that will rejuvenate the skin, to activities that challenges our fears and perceptions we carry about ourselves, about other and about life. The retreat will give you a chance to re-examine your life, values and goals, and help you discover who you really are. 

How the retreat will help you:​

  • Challenge your fears and perceptions you have about yourself, life and others.

  • Help you gain clarity on who you are and what you want from life.

  • Establish what some of your values are

  • To Relax

  • Find suitable ways to help you work with triggers that cause you anxiety, depression, anger, frustration…etc.

  • Help you connect with yourself and other women.

  • To heal and mend the feminine divine in all of us.

Before we seek self improvement.jpg

Some of the activities that are included in the retreat :

(Detailed plan will be provided after registration. )

Challenge yourself and enjoy an obstacle course and hiking trails

  • Connect with your inner witch

  • Cultural activities and attraction

  • Face your fears and go through a Labyrinth  

  • Get in touch with nature by semi daily short walks in the woods

  • Hiking

  • Immerse in hot spring water

  • Zip lining, or wall walking (optional and depends on time of year. extra charge will apply)